Mettie – Anatomy


Out now Exclusive on Beatport & all DSP !
METTIE is back with him brand new single Anatomy’
Following on from latest Ep ‘Deepless’, METTIE only gave us a taste of what was to come. Now he returns to 48 Records label with ‘Anatomy‘
Artist : Mettie
Title : Anatomy
Genre : Deep House
Catalog number : 48H202
Label : 48 Records
Release İnfo :
Mettie – Anatomy (Original Mix)
Release date : Dec.06.2019

Download’ Mettie – Anatomy

Aydin – Night in Night


Artist : Aydin
Title : Night in Night
Genre : Deep House
Catalog number : 48H199
Label : 48 Records
Release İnfo :
1 – Aydin – Night in Night (Original Mix)
2 – Aydin – Mechanizm (Original Mix)
Release date : Nov.15.2019 (All Digital Stores)
Download’Aydin-Night in Night‘ EP


Various Artists -Techno Sensation


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Techno Sensation (Compilation)
Label: 48 Records
Release Date: 23.Sep.2019 Monday( Beatport Exclusive), 11.Oct.2019 Friday (all other DSP’s)
Format: Digital
Compilation İnfo :
1- Abe Van Dam – Common Nature (Original Mix)
2- Abstratique – Knobs (Original Mix)
3- Adam Lisau – Lum (Original Mix)
4- Arathor – Anything (Original Mix)
5- Baturay & Bahadır Gocmenler – Ocean (Benny Dawson Remix)
6- DJ Mito – The Lost Dimension (Original Mix)
7- Furkan Aksu – Strange (Original Mix)
8- Flithy Saturday – Long İsland (Original Mix)
9 – Ghost Voice – Feel The Fire (Original Mix)
10-Hector Balboa – Vibrations (Original Mix)
11-Ilgar Salim – Dot (Original Mix)
12-Jiyan – Dark Hypnose (Original Mix)
13-Kerem Selek & Towsky – No One (Original Mix)
14-Mauricio S – Karpuz (Original Mix)
15-Midi Killer – Cube (Original Mix)

Download ‘ Various Artists – Techno Sensation

Galaxy Kawa – Lost Time


Artist : Galaxy Kawa
Galaxy Kawa welcomes with him brand new ALBUM ‘Lost Time’, forthcoming on imprint 48 Records.
Artist: Galaxy Kawa
Title: Lost Time (ALBUM)
Catalog number: 48H177
Label: 48 Records
Genre : Progressive House
Release date: 14.June.2019 Friday (All Digital Stores)
Release İnfo :
1 – Galaxy Kawa – Lost Time (Original Mix)
2 – Galaxy Kawa – Fatal Trible (Original Mix)
3 – Galaxy Kawa – Hyper (Original Mix)
4 – Galaxy Kawa – Dance or Die (Original Mix)
5 – Galaxy Kawa – Melodynzm (Original Mix)
6 – Galaxy Kawa – Red (Original Mix)

Download ‘ Galaxy Kawa – Lost Time ‘ Album

Jiyan – Progressive Dreamers


Artist : Jiyan
Track : The Progressive Dreamers (Ep)
Genre : Progressive House & Techno
Catalog number : 48H172
Label : 48 Records
Release date on Beatport : May.10.2019 (All Digital Stores)
Release İnfo :
1 – Jiyan – Progressive Dreamers (Original Mix)
2 – Jiyan – Progressive Dreamers (Bestami Turna Remix)
3 – Jiyan – Progressive Dreamers (Burak Basar Remix)
4 – Jiyan – Progressive Dreamers (Galaxy Kawa Remix)

Download ‘ Jiyan – Progressive Dreamers ‘ EP

48 Records 1.St Anniversary

(48H037) 48 Records 1.St Anniversary
Release Date : JULY.25.2016
Release İnfo :
1 – Alonso Villari – Ezln (Original Mix)
2 – Dj Mito – No (Original Mix)
3 – Ercan Babayigit – Revolution (Original Mix)
4 – Fermanz – Rock The Beat (Original Mix)
5 – I.K.I – Togeth (Original Mix)
6 – Marke – Let İt Go (Original Mix)
7 – Mr.Dutlileul – Djinn (Original Mix)
8 – Paulyno – Bitches (Original Mix)
9 – Paulyno & Flying Camel – Feldschlobchen (Original Mix)
10 – Robin Martinelli – Wurli (Original Mix)




A sad day in the world of music as fans everywhere still reel from the fresh news that Prince has passed away at 57. Not much is known surrounding the circumstances of his passing, but people everywhere are mourning.

Prince had a huge impact on music in every sphere, owing to his impeccable song writing abilities and penchant for perfection. Dance music icons today are expressing their grief over the loss.

Prince died earlier today (April 21) at age 57 at his Paisley Park home and studio in Minneapolis, his publicist confirmed to theAssociated PressTMZ first reported the news.

According to a press release sent from the Carver County Sheriff’s Department this afternoon, deputies arrived at Paisley Park at 9:43 a.m. and found Prince unresponsive in the elevator. After CPR attempts were unsuccessful, he was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. The cause of death has not yet been determined, and Carver County with assistance from Hennepin County Sheriffs and the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating.

Prince was hospitalized last week after his plane for was forced to make an emergency landing in Moline, Ill. Released a few hours later, a rep told TMZ that he had been battling a bad case of the flu.

One of the most iconic musicians in music history, Prince’s extensive career grew out of the music scene of his native Minneapolis, where he lived his entire life. His 1978 debut album For You and self-titled second LP, released in October 1979, kicked off an incredibly prolific run of albums that included 1999, Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day, Sign O The Times and Batman, among others, throughout the 1980s at a clip of nearly one per year, evolving with each release.

It was 1984’s Purple Rain — his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 — released in conjunction with the film of the same name, that cemented him as one of the greatest artists of his generation, earning him two Grammys, and Oscar and a victory over Michael Jackson’s Thriller for Favorite Pop/Rock Album at the 1985 American Music Awards. In total he would receive seven Grammy Awards from 32 nominations between 1984 and 2010. Along the way, he worked with several bands under a series of pseudonyms, including The Time, the New Power Generation and The Revolution, as both frontman and producer.'da Blog Oluşturun.

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