Furkan Aksu -Prospect


Artist: Furkan Aksu
Title: Prospect (EP)
Label: 48 Records
Genre: Techno
Release Date Exclusive on Beatport: Feb.07.2020 Friday (All DSP)
Format: Digital
CAT: 48H209

Download ‘ Furkan Aksu – Prospect‘ EP

NEJEFLEE -Space Bells

Space Bells

Title: Space Bells (Single)
Genre: Tech House
Label: 48 Records
Format: Digital
CAT: 48H208
Release date: Jan.31.2020 (All Digital Stores)

Download’NEJEFLEE – Space Bells

DaDa Sound Projcet – No One


Out now Exclusive on Beatport & all DSP !
Turkish DJ & Producer DaDa Sound Project  overflow the scene with him signature new single once again…..!!!!
DaDa Sound Projcet – No One (Original Mix)
Lables : 48 Records
Catalog : 48H205
Genre : House
Release Date on Beatport : Jan.10.2020

Download ‘DaDa Sound Projcet – No One

Mettie – Anatomy


Out now Exclusive on Beatport & all DSP !
METTIE is back with him brand new single Anatomy’
Following on from latest Ep ‘Deepless’, METTIE only gave us a taste of what was to come. Now he returns to 48 Records label with ‘Anatomy‘
Artist : Mettie
Title : Anatomy
Genre : Deep House
Catalog number : 48H202
Label : 48 Records
Release İnfo :
Mettie – Anatomy (Original Mix)
Release date : Dec.06.2019

Download’ Mettie – Anatomy

Findike – Departures Flights


48 Records is celebrating its 200th release with a Findike
Since its inception in 2015….!!!!
Turkish record label 48 Records has become for its imprint in the growth of electronic music….!!!
Release İnfo :
Findike – Departures Flights (Original Mix)
Genre : Techno
Cat : 48H200
Label : 48 Records
Release Date on Beatport: Nov.22.2019 (All DSP)

Download ‘ Findike – Departures Flights ‘ 

Aydin – Night in Night


Artist : Aydin
Title : Night in Night
Genre : Deep House
Catalog number : 48H199
Label : 48 Records
Release İnfo :
1 – Aydin – Night in Night (Original Mix)
2 – Aydin – Mechanizm (Original Mix)
Release date : Nov.15.2019 (All Digital Stores)
Download’Aydin-Night in Night‘ EP


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